Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New Paint

Maintenance on Bonita continues at a low level through most of the year, interspersed with some sailing in the summer. Although spring is the traditional time for fitting out, the painting goes so much better on the long warm summer days. And so here is Bonita high and dry on the Swale with a fresh coat of paint newly applied to the hull below and above the waterline. This is done by drying her out against posts on the beach and we get a few short hours to scrape off the barnacles, dry, sandpaper and paint before the tide returns.

It makes for a busy day.   Its traditional that the last lick of paint to the waterline is applied at just the exact moment that the rising tide spills over the top of the hardworking skipper/owners boots. However on this occasion the weather was warm and few unforseen problems arose. The photo records the fact that on this day at least the job was finished with time to spare as the tide lapped round the keel. In another hour and a half she will be afloat and back on her mooring.

Our plan this year is to take part in the Swale race in early August, before setting out on the summers cruise. Cruises are sometimes better not planned in too much detail and it can be best just to set out and see where you get to rather than waiting in port for a favourable wind

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