Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Breezy in Colchester

Last night we had plenty of rain and strong gusts of cold wind from the north that shook the boats even in the safety of the harbour. Ashore we could see whole trees swaying with the force of the wind, meaning it was blowing at least force 7. So we took the bus to Colchester, which none of us had visited before.

The picture shows (L to R) Geoff, Steve,Tonni and Dave, who between then have thousands of miles of experience at sea in all sorts of vessels. They are admiring Colchester castle, a fine Norman fort built on the foundations of an old Roman temple.

Colchester is a University town with many picturesque buildings and is busy with plenty of activity.  The bus returned us to Brighlingsea where the weather map in the harbourmaster's office suggested a patch of better weather coming through tomorrow. These pockets of better weather that are predicted sadly often fail to show up on the day, but we take comfort in the thought that summer cannot surely be too far away.

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