Monday 7 August 2023

OGA 60 Jubilee

Today was race day: the day of the annual East Coast race which forms part of this year's OGA 60 Jubilee. We woke to strong winds- gusting up to 40 knots. The race Committee decided on a race in sheltered waters, in the rivers Orwell and Stour. I thought it best not to take Bonita out, but instead crewed on Susan J with Dave, Julie and Sarah.
Everyone had lots of reefs in and all the boats were very lively. Some withdrew at an early stage. I was steering the boat. We had difficulty furling the jib which took a while to sort out and did not make a good start- we were 20 minutes late over the start line. Once we got going  though we had a good sail and passed several boats.
It was a handicap race so the outcome was hard to predict. However at the prize-giving that evening we found that we had come around 15th out of 20 who finished the race. 

The picture shows Susan J under reduced canvas. Dave got a shiny trophy to put on display, polish regularly and return next year.
After the prize-giving there was a hog roast,  music and dancing and general festivity.

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