Wednesday 1 November 2023

Laid up for the winter

 With the shorter wetter days, and Storm Ciaran expected to bring strong winds to the south of England, I thought maybe it was time Bonita came up Faversham creek to her cosy mud berth in the boatyard. So yesterday with help from Allan and his friend Andrew we has a pleasant trip in fine weather. With Allan at the helm we cleverly avoided going aground, although at times the echo sounder showed zero distance between keel and mud. By the end of the day we had got the sails, spars and assorted other gear ashore, I flushed out the engine cooling system with fresh water and antifreeze, changed the oil and got the winter covers on. The picture shows us tied up alongside the sailing barge Mirosa, with Allan and Andrew hard at work.

And so in a few hours Bonita is transformed from being afloat and ready to sail the seas to being safely tucked up away ( I hope) from the worst of the winter weather.

What projects this winter? There has been a fair bit of minor wear and tear on the gear this year and I have taken a carload of stuff home for general repair, painting and varnishing. Otherwise I'm not expecting any major work......

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