Saturday, 29 August 2020

2020 Swale Race cancelled

 Sadly the familiar curse of the August Bank Holiday weather has struck again, and this years Swale race has been cancelled. There were very strong northerly winds and it certainly would have been difficult with a mass of boats on the start line tacking out of the river. Lets hope for better next year. So Bonita is still on her mooring, as in the picture in the last blog post. The only differences today were grey skies and the boat rolling on white-topped waves, even in the sheltered water of the river. 

One of the pleasures of the Swale race is waking up on race morning and finding the river, which is usually so empty full of all sorts of traditional craft all getting ready for the start. As a memory of more settled times, the picture shows the scene just before the 2015 race began as Bonita drifts downriver on the tide towards the start line.

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  1. Sorry Mike. What a Bummer!
    If it's not Covid, it's the weather...
    Nice picture though :-)