Saturday 29 April 2023

Ramsgate inner harbour

Bonita spent the day in the Heritage section of Ramsgate inner harbour. Several Gaffers have gone on a trip up the tortuous river Stour to Sandwich, but we stayed put as a) we've done it before, and b) we were expecting visitors.
Allan came by car with Toby and Martha for a boat inspection and a dinghy trip around the inner harbour. The picture shows Toby getting to grips with the art of oarsmanship, with a little bit of supervision.
The Heritage area of the harbour is next to a busy bit of the town. By day Bonita a number of admiring comments which are always gratifying. However at night this part of town benefits from a lively night life that does seem to go on very late.
In the evening the Gaffers enjoyed a fish and chip supper at the Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat club on their converted Dutch barge. A jolly evening ably organised by Robert and Jan Holden, whose lovely boat Emanuel is kept in Sandwich.


  1. Hope all is going well - where do you think you will be on Friday5th??

  2. I hope Portsmouth or maybe Cowes?

  3. When will u know

    1. Most likely going to Cowes on Friday