Monday 1 May 2023

Kentish coast

Although the Heritage area of Ramsgate inner harbour is very convenient for the town, it is also close to several nightclubs that keep going with great energy till 2 or 3 am. So we moved Bonita to a pontoon in the outer harbour. Several more Gaffers have appeared and we had a gathering in the Ramsgate Wetherspoons - it is said to be the largest Wetherspoons in the country, and is certainly very large. A fitting start the the OGA Round Britain cruise we hope. We said goodbye to Jan and Robert who have so ably organised the weekend.
The picture is of their boat Emanuel in Ramsgate harbour. 
We left at 4am to catch the tide and as this log is written we are somewhere between Dover and Dungeness. We have successfully dodged all the ferries coming out of Dover and so far have not been troubled by the many Border Force vessels searching the Channel for small boats. We are  motoring in calm weather but hoping for a favorable breeze.


  1. Well done "Bonita" for being the first off (on AIS) on her second (or more) circumnavigation. "Susan J" looking forward to seeing you in Plymouth. Fairwinds to all.

  2. Best wishes from Arnside Sailing Club

  3. Thanks Alasdair. A long way to go!

  4. Best wishes from all the Crossfield family.
    Fair winds..
    Eric C

    1. Thanks Eric, much appreciated