Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Chain of Events

Another day of work on the boat. A bit depressing really as the list of jobs to be done doesn't seem to get any shorter. However I tell myself that even if the list is as long as ever, at least the jobs still undone are getting less important.  

Many hours are spent wearing 3 jumpers and a woolly hat to keep out the cold, working away and dreaming of warm seas, gentle breezes and blue skies.

I spent a bit of time worrying about the anchor chain. Usually we carry 16 fathoms (32m) which is quite enough for Thames estuary sailing. Having read a few guidebooks and asked a number of people, some say 16 is fine, others say you must have 30 fathoms for the West Coast of Scotland.

It seems a lot of extra weight in the bow, but I decided to go with 30 fathoms of 3/8 chain. The decision was made easier as I recently found around 15 fathoms of chain complete with anchor that had become entangled with our mooring. Some unknown yachtsman has fouled the mooring, been unable to lift his anchor and chain, and had abandoned it.

It seems a pity not to put a free gift like this to good use. Thames sailing barges, I am told routinely carry 45 fathoms of chain, and may take more if going down-channel.  Who needs gym membership when you have a hand operated winch and plenty of chain?

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