Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bonita's Easter Bonnet (sorry, Mast...)

Mast lift-in was today. Ideally you need a calm day for this tricky operation. We got a strong and very cold northeast wind. The situation was made more complicated as Bonita was lying outside the sailing barge Mirosa, so the mast had to be swung over the barge, and the crane driver could not see Bonita's deck at all.

This delicate operation had to be guided by hand signals passed on by a chain of several people. Fortunately all went well thanks to the very skillful crew of the Ironwharf boatyard led by Peter Dodds.

This is not Bonita's original mast. We know she was dismasted some time in the early 1930s and the owner at the time bought a second hand mast of unknown age as a replacement. This is the mast we put in today.

This blog post was sent via my sleek new Android Phone from Samsung. Bought to send live position data to Bonita's Facebook page. We'll soon learn if my trusty crew can make it do what they promise...

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