Tuesday, 13 August 2013

And yet another tribute...

Congratulations to Bonita, Mike & Deirdre, and all the rest of the crew who played a part in the circumnavigation, by Bonita, of mainland Great Britain!

The early weeks of  Bonita's voyage were plagued with appalling and unreasonably unseasonable weather. Despite the penetrating cold and my losing 5 kg north of Lands End (amply replenished once we got to Waterford) I feel privileged to have been able to take a small part as the head wind continued to veer against her. Crossing the Irish Sea was my longest passage under sail to date and reminiscent of simpler sailing in the sixties and early seventies; albeit in even smaller grp boats, only one of which was a 22 ft gunter rigged not-so-old gaffer!

While I regret that I will be unable to join you all in Cowes for the finale I wish you a great time there - you deserve it!  Well done to all of you, especially Bonita, who has Mike in particular to thank for her ongoing, and now well proven, seaworthiness at 125 years old! 

Mike is also to be congratulated for running a very happy ship. Despite the challenge of cramped conditions and the late-to-arrive summer there has clearly been no shortage of friends and family queuing up to join the crew.

David Patuck

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