Saturday, 10 August 2013

Waiting for crew

John and Emma, who had bought us down from Brightlingsea and along the south coast. had to leave last night - so Bonita is in Gosport being tidied up and awaiting more crew.

God's Port
Gosport doesn't have the excitement of its neighbour Portsmouth, and it sometimes seems the main attraction is the passenger ferry across the harbour. As can be seen from the sign, Gosport is the millennium town - whatever that may mean. Millennium memorials all seem a bit tired now and the generation of children growing up who know no other millennium must find it all a bit odd. In any case the town is firmly rooted in a previous millennium: it was named God's Port by the Bishop of Winchester who arrived here after a harrowing voyage in 1144. We can all recognise the feeling of relief and gratitude in solid ground underfoot after a stormy sea trip.

Jolie Brise
The second photo is of the wonderful Jolie Brise, one of the most famous yachts in the world - she was at Gosport today. She was built as a Le Havre pilot cutter in 1913, but the days of sailing pilot cutters were ending and she was soon converted into a yacht. She won the first Fastnet race in 1925, and two subsequent races. Sadly she is not coming to the OGA rally in Cowes, but was stocking up for this year's Fastnet race in her centenary year.

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