Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gathering Gaffers

The photo shows a large empty space where the gearbox used to be.  The good news is that our new gearbox has turned up. The bad news is that is slightly longer than the old one and doesn't quite fit. However it should be possible to make it fit without too much trouble and we hope to be mobile again by midday tomorrow.

In the meantime gaffers are beginning to arrive, including the Round Britain boats Toucando, High Barbaree and Minstrel.

 Britannia looking bleak

On the quay at East Cowes is the impressive hull of the replica of the Britannia, the King's Yacht between 1893 and 1936 and one of the most successful racing yachts ever built. The original was sunk after the death of George V as he stipulated in his will. The replica was built in Russia in 1994 and transported to England for completion and now reconstruction; its been a troubled project and she has yet to have her first sail.

Quibus Nobilis Est Animus
I do hope they can get the project completed as it would be marvellous to see Britannia sailing again. We visited the shop in the High Street supporting this project and selling T-shirts, photos etc. They certainly need to raise a lot of money but the plan is to move the hull to Portsmouth to continue the work with the intention of getting her sailing by 2015.  Designed by G L Watson Britannia was originally built as a gaff cutter but converted to Bermudan rig for the last ten years or so of her life. Sadly the reconstruction will not represent the Britannia as she was in her finest days, but will also have a bermudan rig.

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