Thursday, 7 August 2014

Heading South - Amsterdam again

Today the gaffers sailed north to Enkhuizen but we said goodbye as we've decided its time to head south. 

We had a brisk sail from Hoorn tacking into a moderate Southerly wind. The day started bright and sunny but it had started raining as we got to the lock at the entrance to the Nordzeekanaal. 

By the time we got to the marina it was wet and blustery which made getting Bonita alongside the pontoon difficult. 

The first picture shows the fine Dutch ship Gaia that we saw in full sail off the little island of Marken. There were lots of people running about on deck pulling on ropes. We overtook her eventually but she caught us up again at the lock.

Allan and yet another Bonita
The flags in the background of this second picture show that it is still blowing quite hard.

However, better weather is promised for tomorrow so we remain hopeful. We finished with an entertaining supper in the Amsterdam Marina restaurant.

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