Sunday, 26 May 2019

Dover Day 2

Today Bonita, Ant and I are still in Dover. Though we woke to a nice breeze from WNW, all the forecasts said this would shift round to the SW and strengthen when we were still some miles away from any harbour and by which time the tide would have turned against us.  Deciding not to sail with an unsatisfactory forecast is sometimes a very difficult decision. Dad used to say that he got much more sailing in - and more exciting too - in the days before the shipping forecasts.

However we decided to stay and explore Dover.  We visited Dover castle where they are running exhibitions on the castles role in the Second World War.  We spoke to several people dressed up as wartime servicemen and civilians and they all seemed very knowledgeable about life then.  It being a holiday weekend there were lots of people visiting the castle, with a Spitfire patrolling over the white cliffs of Dover to add to the occasion.  I sometimes wonder if all this sanitised nostalgia for a war that happened a long ago is quite healthy.  However it made for an interesting day ashore and maybe more relaxing than sailing against increasing wind and tide in open water.

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