Monday 10 July 2023


Allan joined us yesterday and having never sailed in Scottish waters before was keen to see some of the coastline. We have to be back in Dundee at the end of the week for the Gaffers gathering but that should give plenty of time for a bit of exploring. So we left Tayport this morning  at high water and headed down the Tay. We had a range of options of places we could go to depending on the weather, but the wind was light and variable and we didn't want to do a lot of motoring. We sailed round Fife Ness into the Firth of Forth. Anstruther was the most practical place to head for but I was a bit anxious as the harbour dries out at low water and reading the pilot book it was hard to find out where a boat like Bonita could berth safely. We tried to contact the harbour master but he had long since gone home. With Allan on the helm we got into harbour at half tide without touching the bottom. The picture shows the approach to the entrance. 
We found all the berths indicated as being suitable for a larger boat were occupied by local fishing boats. We eventually tied up alongside a large motor boat. Bonita will probably touch the bottom at low tide, but it all seems to be soft mud, so I hope that will be OK.
The picture shows our bit of the harbour, with the town behind, before the rain set in. We had supper in a restaurant certified as providing the best fish and chips in Scotland. It was certainly very good, but I suspect we might have seen other places with similar certification while on our travels.

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