Sunday 2 July 2023


Tim arrived last night as a very welcome all- weather crew. This morning we woke to light Westerly winds but the forecast was not good - west force 7- 8, maybe gusts of force 9. Its easy to decide to stay in port when the wind is howling in the rigging, but I find it a much harder decision when the weather seems OK but the forecast is uncertain. However after some thought and looking at different forecasts -all much the same- we decided to stay in Inverness today, and later on the wind did indeed blow quite hard as predicted.  Bonita would most likely have been OK running with a force 8 behind her, but entering harbour could be difficult and it seemed an unnecessary risk.
  We looked around Inverness and it's amazing second' hand bookshop.
  We bought some souvenirs......
  We visited the museum and art gallery.
  We went to see an Indiana Jones film -whatever the strengths and weaknesses of Indiana Jones, it doesn't give you much time to worry about the weather outside.

Let's hope for better winds tomorrow.

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