Saturday 15 July 2023

Discovery in Dundee

This morning we went by bus to Broughty Ferry where the local lifeboat station was having a day of festivities to raise money for the RNLI. Among other excitements was the rescue of a dummy that had jumped - or maybe he was pushed- off a bridge into the sea. It was all well organised and there were plenty of children looking at the exhibits. 
In the evening we went to Dundee where the Gaffers had a private guided tour of the Discovery. This is an antarctic exploration ship, built in Dundee in 1901 and occupying a prominent position between the station and the river.The Discovery had a very successful career and was used in several important expeditions. She has massive wooden construction and is enormously strong. Unfortunately it is hard to prevent rot in heavy timber construction, but we were impressed by the efforts being made for her preservation. We enjoyed looking round her, though I think our volunteer guide struggled a bit with some of the Gaffers more technical questions.
We then had supper in a gallery overlooking the ship. 
This is the culmination of our visit to Dundee, ably organised by Alison and Julian Cable, who  also arranged our very successful visit to Oban earlier this month.
Yesterday's stormy weather seems to be passing on, and we hope soon to be able to make progress heading south.

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  1. Thanks for an interesting and educational post, Mike. We look forward to seeing more dolphins rather than delphiniums once you're at sea 🤗