Saturday 22 July 2023

Blyth and Seaton

This morning D and I walked the few miles from Blyth down the beach to Seaton Sluice. This is a small tidal harbour that was a major coal exporting port in the eighteenth century.
It seems an unlikely place for a major port today, with restricted tidal range and difficult access from the sea. The harbour had almost completely dried out at low water and today the only boats to be seen were a few small shallow draft fishing boats which were all aground.
In Blyth, gaffers continued to arrive all day and we now have about 10 round Britain boats here. Several local boats have also arrived
 Next to Bonita is berthed a beautifully restored sailing coble from 1946, the Royal Diadem II. She has a lug sail and unusually her original Kelvin diesel engine. 
The coble was a traditional fishing boat which was common on this coast. Strong but lightly buit, they could be kept in small harbours or pulled up on the beach.  In the evening we had a reception on the clubship and were welcomed by the Mayor. Everyone at the Club has been very friendly and gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.

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