Tuesday 18 July 2023


After days (or weeks) of wind that was too much, too little or in the wrong direction, today was better. We had a westerly, force 4 to 5. We started the day in Tayport, and there were a further 8 or so gaffers in Arbroath a few miles up the coast, all waiting for an opportunity to make progress South. We left at 5.30am to get the tide down the river Tay. The Arbroath contingent had to wait for the lock gate to open at around 11am.
Everyone had an excellent sail though there was quite a lot of swell crossing the Firth of Forth. We are now in Eyemouth, so this busy fishing harbour has had the benefit of a sudden influx of gaffers. All the boats seem to have made a very quick trip, but some of the speeds quoted by enthusiastic owners sound as though they might possibly be a  bit hopeful. Everyone had a good sail though.
Eyemouth is a bustling little town with plenty of history. We were here 10 years ago and the dockside area has been developed and improved since then. The picture shows one characterful Eyemouth resident: this huge seal is kept well fed with scraps thrown by the fishermen. He is said to be blind, but he is still quick enough so that he usually gets to the fish scraps before the seagulls do.

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