Friday, 14 June 2019

Racing in Carrick Roads

The Falmouth Classics got off to a good start today with two races in the sheltered waters of Carrick Roads.  There was a good SW breeze, and - most unusually for this summer - there was sunshine.  I had a first class racing crew in Justin and Jacob.

The boats were organised in lots of different classes, some sailing different courses.  The whole event seemed very well organised.  There were dozens of classic boats afloat, all of them interesting and most of them unique in some special way.  We had a fine day and felt Bonita had done well - although we don't get any results for a while.  Here are a few photos of some of the boats taking part, though most of the time we were rather too busy to be able to take photographs.

Afterwards  we met Sian and Ant who had been watching the racing from on shore, and had supper with the crews of Calismarde and Susan J.  As we went to bed the rollicking sounds of the Falmouth Sea Shanty festival were enjoyed late into the night.

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