Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Helford Old Gaffers Race

Today we took part in the Helford Old Gaffers Race.  This consists of 3 circuits of a course in the entrance to the river.  We had D and Roly as crew - Roly has a small gaffer that he trails around from his base in the Midlands.  We had a light Easterly wind and were able to set both topsail and light jib on the down wind legs.  Bonita however would have liked a bit more wind.  Inevitably we didn't do quite as well as some more modern Gaffers with local knowledge, but we did get a prize for being both the oldest boat and the one that had come the furthest.  After the race D and I went ashore to visit Trebah gardens once again; D is a life member so we thought we should get the benefit from this.

The day ended with a jolly dinner and prize giving in the Port Navas yacht club.

Our tour of West Country old Gaffers events is now coming to a close so we are hoping for fair winds for the trip home...

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