Thursday 29 June 2023


This morning we passed through the last few locks and bridges of the Canal, and made the short journey to the marina at Inverness. We have very much enjoyed our few days in the Canal with its magnificent scenery and changeable weather. I have of course been fortunate in having an excellent crew to help navigate the difficulties with the many locks. We have also been fortunate to have the help of Jay Cresswell, a local gaffer who knows the Canal well. The picture shows Sian and Ant: Bonita is floating in fresh water in the last lock - the water beyond is salt. The boat in the background is Indian Runner.
We manoevered Bonita into a suitable but rather cramped marina berth with ropes as we never would have done it under engine. We then went to explore Inverness. It is 
 a lively town with lots to see.We came across this more-than-life-size stature in a park. It represents Faith, Hope and Charity. Despite the labels, Hope is the one on the right holding the anchor. The anchor wouldn't actually be of any use, as it is missing the stock, the horizontal piece at the top. The anchor however is an old symbol representing Hope in the face of difficulty and uncertainty.
Sian and Ant have now sadly run out of time and Bonita stays at Inverness waiting for new crew.

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