Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Day In Gouda

Dave and I, and the crews of about 30 gaffers, spent the day exploring the quaint old town of Gouda. The first picture shows the very impressive sixteenth century town hall surrounded by a bustling market place. We looked round the interior of the magnificent town hall, and the cheese market where we felt we had to buy some cheese. The market stalls seemed mostly to be selling house clearance sort of stuff and although there were some interesting pieces we resisted the temptation to buy anything - attic to attic, dust to dust. 
Everywhere in the grand old buildings here there are reminders of the great wealth that the Dutch republic of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries built up from trading overseas. 
This more recent mural is a reminder of the hazards of the sea for those floating peacefully on the still waters of the canal.

Dave visited the Bonita boutique in the town centre (no other male customers) where the staff were jolly and friendly. He was generously presented with a Bonita carrier bag and a prized set of labelled Bonita coat hangers. 
The old boat may be a bit short on some of the comforts one expects on a modern yacht, but at least she now has her own personalised coat hangers.

In the evening we were entertained by a local shanty group
West Zuid West  who sang rousing sea shanties in Dutch and English with great spirit.

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