Sunday, 27 July 2014

Into the heart of the Netherlands

After a good start yesterday the trip across the North Sea was at times a bit of a plod. We had mostly light NE winds, the night seemed long  and the mer was a bit mal at times. Things brightened up with a northerly breeze this afternoon.

The picture shows us locking into the Osterschelde at Roompotsluis. The sheer scale and ingenuity of Dutch marine engineering is always impressive and the collective effort needed to keep the sea in its proper place seems to have influenced the Dutch society and culture in a unique way. We got into Wemelding at about 8 pm and found a large and jolly gathering of Gaffers.

Unfortunately we were not able to join them as they are in the inner harbour, we are in the outer harbour and the man with the key to the bridge separating them has gone home. Never mind; it was nice to meet some old friends and we hope to see more tomorrow.

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