Friday, 18 June 2021

Back to the Helford

We spent the night at Falmouth, but most boats that attended the Falmouth Classics have left, or left this morning. The first picture shows a boat that perhaps might have been considered a classic but did not attend the festival. Scaled down rigs often don't work as well as might be expected, and sometimes hardly work at all. She was coming up to the fuel berth, and we suspected she might rely more on engine power than sails to get from A to B.
With D and Justin as crew we sailed the few miles to the Helford river for the Helford rally that follows on immediately from the Falmouth celebrations. It was a bright sunny summer day with light winds, and we anchored off Trebah gardens and rowed ashore. D is a life member of Trebah, with its magnificent sub- tropical gardens and the picture shows her enjoying the scenery with the river in the far distance. 

 The weather was so warm that some of Bonitas crew felt the need for a swim. In the evening we rafted up with Susan J for supper aboard with Dave and Julie. A jolly time was had by all discussing the problems of the world in general, and in particular the problems of looking after traditional boats....

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  1. Great account of "Bonita"'s adventures in Falmouth and Helford. Your blogs are, as always Mike, interesting and up to date! T'was lovely to see her, a real classic, in all her glory, at the Classics and Helford again. Thanks for your effort Mike and Justin to come all this way and your excellent company. "Susan J"