Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Exploring Falmouth harbour

When we woke this morning at Helford there was no wind at all, but this soon developed into a moderate SSW wind. We sailed in Falmouth Bay a few miles to Gull rock and then into Falmouth harbour where we anchored off Turnaware point for lunch. We then tacked back to Falmouth marina to meet Justin who arrived from Kent by train. Although it wasnt warm, there were lots of boats out in the sunshine in this magnificent natural  harbour.
There is still plenty of activity related to the forthcoming G7 meeting in Cornwall. We have seen lots of sinister looking police launches driving round at speed with black clad figures huddled aboard. There is much more helicopter traffic than would normally be expected. And this Baltic cruise ship has been hired and is in port and is rumoured to be full of security staff covering the event. 

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