Saturday, 12 June 2021

Racing in light airs

Today was sunny with a light variable breeze. We lent Allan to crew on Susan J and I had Justin and Tim, who came down from Surrey this morning. We made a good start in light airs with Justin at the helm, but as a mass of boats approached the downwind mark they all became very crowded into a small area. There were multiple minor collisions at slow speed, fortunately without any major damage, although we lost the block from Bonita's mizzen boom, removed by someone else's bowsprit. It was one of those situations for which everyone can see developing in slow motion, but no-one can do anything to prevent. The Vitamin Cornwall film crews were there in their ribs, and the attached photo - taken from a video sequence- gives some idea of the congestion. Undeterred by this mishap, we carried on to have a fine race, although perhaps all in all with more excitement than we might have wished for.  We haven't heard the results yet.  It seems that we came 3rd in our class for both of yesterday's races. 

Sadly the planned Classics supper ashore had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus among the catering staff. We went off in Jacob's rib to a fascinating waterside restaurant, the Pandora Inn, which has tables set out on a floating pontoon stretching out into the harbour.

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