Friday, 11 June 2021

Racing at Falmouth Day 1

The day started with light rain but soon cleared up with a moderate SW breeze. The Classics had two races today, with a large variety of old and old- style boats sailing different courses with different start times. Falmouth harbour presented a fine sight with masses of traditional sail everywhere. With a fine crew of Justin and Allan we felt we had done well, making one very good start, avoiding any major mistakes and generally Bonita seemed to be going nicely. We don't get the official race results till tomorrow, and while it would be nice to know the results immediately, sometimes it is better to wait in hopeful optimism. With handicap racing it's always hard to know how well-or badly- you've really done.  Jacob and his Vitamin team were here in two ribs and very busy as they are now the official photographers for the Falmouth Classics. We are hoping that Bonita might perhaps have got some favourable coverage.
The picture shows a number of classic boats astern of us trailing in Bonitas wake- always a happy sight when racing.

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