Saturday, 5 June 2021

Cornish weather

Last time we were in Falmouth the visit was greatly enlivened by the singing groups in town for the International Sea Shanty festival. Sadly this year the festival, like so much else, has gone virtual. I suspect virtual sea shanties may be a poor substitute for the real thing. One thing that hasn't gone virtual is the G7 summit, which has come to Cornwall to sort out the world's economy. We haven't seen any world leaders yet but the town is full of police and security staff with various roads blocked off. There are one or two suspicious looking characters around however.
Much of the day was spent working on the boat, with an unrelenting drizzle which revealed a few new leaks to add to the list of things that need fixing.

Supper was a much jollier affair, in the dry with Jacob, Louise and Ossie in their house in Flushing.

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