Sunday, 13 June 2021

Falmouth parade of sail

Sadly Allan had to return home by train this morning so missed the last day of the Classics rally. There is no racing on the last day, but a Parade Of Sail past Pendennis point near the town. Over 100 classic boats took part, led  by a couple of Royal Navy patrol boats and some lifeboats. There were plenty of spectators both ashore and on the water. We had warm weather, blue skies and virtually no wind. This year's Parade marks 150 years since the founding of the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners in 1870. This was the  ceremonial parade thst would have happened last year but for the coronavirus. We were encouraged to turn out in Victorian style clothing. A few did  but several just had a suitable hat. On Bonita we had a brown felt top hat suitable for doffing to acquaintances, a hat of the type that a victorian gentleman might well have worn on a gentlemans yacht. The whole proceedings were recorded by Jacobs team from Vitamin Cornwall, and we look forward to seeing the pictures on their website. A couple of our pictures of the parade are attached. Most people had a lazy day but there were several rowing gigs with the crews working hard. One had the benefit of being able to hoist a sail, even it seems when rowing to windward.
We are staying at Falmouth tonight as we await D's arrival, and hope to move on tomorrow.

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