Sunday 25 June 2023


We are still stationary in the canal, but this morning saw groups of schoolchildren setting off in kayaks. With exams over, they are doing their DoE gold expedition, kayaking the whole length of the canal and camping and cooking by the water. It will take them several days to reach Inverness.The kayaks were loaded with stores, and at the locks they empty them out and carry everything around the lock. Character building stuff. Shortly after they set off down the canal it started raining, and rained heavily for most of the day. We felt a bit sorry for them.
After the rain eventually stopped we had a jolly evening on the Dutch lifeboat Hilda, entertained by Ron and Mieke, along with Barbara and Chris and Roger from Indian Runner. Ron played the accordion and we sang a variety of sea shanties to mentally prepare ourselves for the hoped for journey down the canal tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry to be anal, but they are actually CANOES Mike! :-)