Wednesday 14 June 2023

Loch Sunart

It was so hot in Tobermoray today we decided we would be better off at sea. In company with Ricks on Recipe we started out to visit Loch Sunart, a few miles from Tobermory. We started with a promising wind but sadly that petered out after a couple of hours. Loch Sunart is very pretty, almost completely landlocked with a narrow rocky entrance, and surrounded by hills and mountains. The picture shows Bonita and Recipe in the loch rafted up for lunch.
On the way back we passed the ketch Bessie Ellen under sail. Built in 1904 as a West Country trading ketch she has now been repurposed for Hebridean cruising holidays. The ex- Brixham trawler Provident is currently in Tobermory and also taking tourists. These venerable old wooden craft cost a lot to maintain and its good if tourism can  help to keep them in seaworthy condition.

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