Friday 23 June 2023

Neptune's staircase

The canal staff seemed a bit more optimistic about the bridge repairs today - though still no definite date for opening. However we felt sufficiently encouraged to enter the canal. With luck a few days out of salt water might discourage the weed beginning to grow on the waterline. A short distance into the canal you come across Neptune's staircase- a series of 8 locks, originally built in the early nineteenth century by the famous engineer, Thomas Telford.  With help from Sian, Ant and Alastair we negotiated this formidable set of locks in company with Recipe and 2 other yachts, and now the old lady is floating in fresh water 65 feet above sea level. Sian, Ant and Alastair had of course been through these locks yesterday with the smaller gaffers, so are thoroughly familiar with the process.
We are now waiting at Banavie, with Recipe, Hilda, Indian Runner and Moon River. It now seems the Gairlochy bridge can somehow be made to open by Monday lunchtime, so we wait here till then.
These delays are frustrating, but we also have sympathy for the canal staff who are trying to provide a good service in difficult circumstances.

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  1. Hello Bonita crew and accompanying yachts ! How unfortunate to have to pause your circumnavigation - but how scenic a place to wait - in sight of Ben Nevis and other neighbouring peaks and with the canal & river paths to explore. Hope the grog stocks are sufficient for a double ration at least ! Fingers crossed for the bridge opening on Monday - sounds like there is plenty of crew muscle to assist the canal staff operate manually if that is at all feasible.