Saturday 17 June 2023

Racing at Oban

The Oban Sailing Club had kindly agreed to organise a race for the Gaffers this afternoon. Sadly there was very little wind - for some of the time there was none at all - and Bonita does like a bit of a breeze to get her going. She also has a bit of weed on the bottom, no doubt partly due to the hot summer weather  However we felt we should take part, with Jonathan and Alasdair as crew. Alasdair helmed the boat throughout the race with skill and patience despite some fairly frustrating conditions.The picture shows Alasdair steering, and Susan J in the background. They have all new sails this season and did better than we did. As we neared the finish line we found the wind had gone, the tide was against us and we had started going backwards, so reluctantly we decided to retire and motor back. Several other boats did the same.The picture shows Ferryman, based on the Itchen Ferry design, and undergoing a major programme of restoration. 
 The most dramatic event was when Letty, the 35ton Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, lost her propellor and retired from the race. Let's hope they can get a new one sorted out soon. 

In the evening everyone met up for a meal and prize-giving at the Oban Sailing Club, after which Alasdair had to return to Arnside.

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