Tuesday 20 June 2023

Sound of Mull

After days of Mediterranean conditions, the weather has suddenly become a lot more Scottish. It rained at lot last night and this morning there was drizzle in Loch Aline with clouds of mist obscuring the surrounding hills. Sadly the rain also revealed a couple of small deck leaks which I thought I had cured. However despite the peaceful solitude of the Loch we felt we had to move on. The picture shows the lovely motor yacht Chico which was moored in the Loch. She looks splendid.  Dating from 1932, she was once owned by Sir Malcolm Campbell,one of the few people to hold the world speed records on both land and water ( though not in this boat). She was named 'Bluebird' as were all his yachts. She took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 and is now available for charter.
We had a nice close hauled breeze up the Sound of Mull, and the rain had stopped by the time we reached Tobermory. Alastair and I dried out by having tea in the splendour of the warm terrace of the Western Isles Hotel with its dramatic views over the harbour and surrounding countryside. 
The picture shows two pipers playing a duet by the harbour. There is a clan gathering here today with lots of people in tartan.
There are some other gaffers here too - Susan J, Lahloo and Cygnet.  Susan J and Cygnet are planning to go 'round the top': Lahloo is likely to go through the Caledonian Canal a few days after us. 
We has a jolly supper with Dave and Julie, Fiona and Helen from Susan J and we shall watch their progress as they head north with interest.

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