Friday 9 June 2023


The tide wasn't in our favour till 3pm so we spent the morning at Crinan. The area where the canal meets the sea seemed idyllic in the warm sunshine,: there is a boatyard, a small hotel and a coffee shop, with interesting boats coming and going at the leisurely pace you expect with canal life. 
We had to head out to the open sea though. We went through Dorus Mor at slack water. This is an area known for its turbulence with massive whirlpools on display even when the tide is at its quietest. The photo shows the infamous Corryvreckan, one of the worlds most notorious tide races, looking as though it couldnt harm anyone.The white speck on the right of the photo is a small sailing boat that we watched go through the race - at slack water - without suffering any obvious ill effects. Only to be attempted with a lot of local knowledge.
We are now in Oban - rather ahead of the rest of the Gaffers- as John has run out of time. Having helped get us all the way from North Wales he sadly has to go back to London for real work.

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