Monday 12 June 2023


 We are not really in Oban: Bonita is in Kerrera, which is a short distance away across Kerrera sound. There is a regular ferry service to Oban. On Saturday John and I had a look around Oban which is a lively town with lots going on and much to see. The picture shows one of the  many buskers playing the bagpipes in full highland dress.

 After walking round the town, John went to the station to go back to London, and I went to the supermarket to stock up. 

Today our friend Jonathan arrived  fresh from supervising fell walkers in the Lake District. Jonathan was last on Bonita on our previous round Britain trip 10 years ago, and was relieved to see that hardly anything had changed. However today was not only very warm, but also there was virtually no wind, so we walked around Kerrera island instead. The picture shows Gylen castle, a ruin on the western end of the island.

For all its remote position and spectacular views, it does not seem to have been a great success as a castle. Built in 1582 by the MacDougall clan, it was besieged in 1647 and had to surrender, probably due to lack of any supply of fresh water. It was set on fire and has been a ruin ever since. Quite a lot of work was done about 20 years ago to stabilize it in its ruined state and it is open to the public to wander around.

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