Monday, 20 May 2013

Day in Waterford

Early this morning Dave left us to get the ferry home from Rosslare. 

We decided to spend the day in Waterford as the wind was forecast NW 6 which could have been uncomfortable heading north up the coast.  Reading some of the other gaffers blogs we were very sorry to hear of the damage to Witch; lets hope for some gentler weather for the old boats soon. 

We looked at some of the culture that Waterford has to offer, which is quite a lot. There is Reginalds Tower,a fortification begun by the Vikings and later strengthened and enlarged. The museum inside gives details of invasions, battles and massacres giving a grim view of historical progress. Elsewhere in the town in fine churches and museums the same events are sometimes retold with an emphasis on improved buildings, prosperity and expanding peaceful trade with distant countries. As so often with stories from history you can find what you want, its getting the balanced view thats difficult. 

We also visited the famous Waterford glassworks and saw glass being blown and engraved. Many elaborate and elegant pieces were for sale, some at astonishing prices, but we did not buy any. None seemed suitable for use on Bonita where the life expectancy of anything made of china or glass is usually short. 

As this is written we hope for better weather tomorrow but the rising wind is whistling in the rigging. Everyone knows that the decision to stay in port can be one of the most difficult to make, but we are all getting plenty of practice on this trip.

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