Sunday, 19 May 2013

Waterford Update

Dave Patuck and D
We left Falmouth on Friday morning and arrived at Waterford on Southern Ireland this morning after a trip of
some 50 hours. We are pleased to make some progress at last although at times the trip was a bit frustrating plodding into head winds and heavy seas with lots of reefs in and lots of water on deck. Passing Land's End is always a milestone and an achievement. The Longships lighthouse looked bleak and forlorn, and the crew posing for the traditional  photograph as they pass can look much the same.

Dolphins off Southern Ireland
The definite high point was seeing many dolphins playing around Bonita's hull when we were somewhere between Cornwall and Ireland.  At one point there were several dozen all around us breaking the surface and diving under the boat. Though this is usually attributed to friendly playfulness there must surely be some advantage to the dolphins in this sort of group activity. The wind died and we motored the last bit to Waterford which is a few miles up a meandering river. Waterford is a lovely bustling town which none of us had visited before, it has a history as a Viking stronghold going back over a thousand years. After 50 hours of mostly close hauled sailing with very restricted nutritional intake we felt justified in having Sunday lunch in the largest hotel in town - and the one with the most stars. Most of their customers were smartly dressed and I thought they might turn away three salt stained sailors. However we sent in D first to ask for a table and all was well.

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