Thursday, 2 May 2013


Resuscitating the Avon
A slow sail from Portsmouth yesterday due to little wind. However it picked up in the evening and we had a good sail along the Dorset coast in the dusk and got into Weymouth at 0030 this morning.

I haven't been to Weymouth by sea before and it's always tricky entering new harbours at night. We were puzzled for a bit by a very prominent red flashing light near the north breakwater. I couldn't find this on the chart, chartplotter or almanac, which is always a bit of a worry.

It turns out the light is on a tourist attraction on the seafront. 
We wake up to a bright sunny day in this lovely little town and the wind still in the easterly sector.

Pictures taken by our on-board creative, Jane Giles, with her keen eye and a fast shutter...
Old and New
Weymouth's U shaped lifeboat berth - designed by Beckett Rankine - has some notably large roller fender units on the securing piles which enable the lifeboat to get in and out of the berth in any weather. The berth also has an unusual S shaped brow connecting it to the shore. Weymouth's Severn Class lifeboat, with a displacement of 41 tonnes, is the largest class of boat operated by the RNLI.

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