Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Plymouth Wed 8 May

A wet and windy day in Plymouth with several gaffers arriving through the day. Most seemed to have stories to tell of either strong wind or fog. Some very interesting old boats to be admired. There was a television crew from BBC spotlight taking lots of pictures but the program that went out this evening didn't really do justice to the finer details of traditional boats.

Several boats including Bonita were dressed overall with code flags to mark the occasion, though not all the flags stayed up for long in the breezy conditions.

Apart from the Gaffers the day was livened up by a visit from daughter Emma who got the train down from Exeter where she is busy rehearsing for 3 drama productions at once. In the evening there was a fish and chip supper at Jolly Jacks helped along with entertainment by the Tavy Tars.

The weather forecast doesn't look very good and the general consensus seems to be that we are here until Saturday.

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