Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Heading West

In Gosport last night after a light wind sail from Brighton. We are supposed to be at the Hamble on Saturday for the formal start to the OGA round Britain rally. However we have been seriously tempted by the current unusually prolonged spell of NE winds. Getting down Channel can sometimes be quite a struggle and I have in past years spent days walking around harbours waiting for SW gales to blow themselves out.

So we have given way to temptation and this morning sees us heading westward in bright sunshine south of the Isle of Wight. We shall of course be sorry to miss the gaffers gathering on the Hamble, but making progress down Channel is more important in the overall scheme of things. I shall be particularly sorry to miss the entertainment on Saturday night which will be provided by cousin George and his inimitable band, the Blunt Instruments. I have enjoyed listening to these fine musicians before and can strongly recommend them to anyone fortunate enough to be able to get a spare ticket.

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