Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mayflower Marina Plymouth

We are fortunate on this trip to have the benefit of corporate sponsorship and the picture shows us in a cold breeze - yet comfortable in our high quality tops kindly provided by the excellent and well known firm of marine civil engineers Beckett Rankine.

A day spent in Plymouth revisiting the town and watching the arrival of lots of old gaffers. We can't help noticing that most of the boats are larger and newer than Bonita and have more crew. We were also visited by D's mother and brother David, both of whom decided long ago that life is better in the West Country.

Though it looks as though tomorrow should be a jolly gathering of gaffers, the forecast for the next few days is for strong head winds so our stay here could be longer than we hoped.

We took Bonita down to Falmouth a few years ago and personally, I shall not really feel that we have started going round Britain till we have passed Lands' End.

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