Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The View from the Crew

Being privileged enough to be one of the crew for the first part of the historic voyage that Bonita is taking around the coast of the UK I thought I would share a few observations ...

Ant Bennett
Bonita, to me, reminds me of an elderly aunt who has kept the lines and beauty of her younger days intact, but has taken on a rather more idiosyncratic nature of behaviour. This is especially true when under mechanical engine power – rather than the originally intended flow of the winds around her sails.

Mike is the dutiful favorite nephew who understands this idiosyncratic nature of his elderly aunt and, due to his gentle and kind nature, cajoles her into more correct behaviour – even when under engine power (at least for most of the time) – since no one else can.
Due to Mike’s position of favoured nephew she accepts his authority and guidance and so a winning and unique combination is formed.

My most memorable moments
Least favoured:
  • Bundled up with six layers of clothes in my sleeping bag and still feeling cold.

Most favoured:
  • Slipping through the water at sunset - along the Jurassic coast to Weymouth. 
  • Sunrise as we approached Torquay harbour in Torbay.
  • All of the above supported by tea and many, many digestive biscuits.

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