Saturday, 27 July 2013


Drum of Drake
Today we joined many other old boats gathering in Brightlingsea on the River Colne. We had a slow trip in light winds and hot weather. The attraction at Brightlingsea is the East Coast Old Gaffers race tomorrow. This always attracts a very large and varied assembly of interesting boats and there is hot competition for the many prizes, some of them slightly eccentric.

Among those attending is a Belgian schooner 'Drum of Drake' in chocolate and cream colours and sailed by a group of Belgian confectioners.

Clytie of 1922
The elegant Clytie has been owned by Maddie's family since she was built in 1922. The reason she looks a bit down by the stern (Clytie that is), is that its Maddie's birthday today and there is a party aboard.

Today we got the results of yesterday's lady helmsmperson's race yesterday.  Bonita came in 16th out of 22 competitors. Not bad for Alice's first race as some of the ladies are very experienced. We have hopes for improved results tomorrow!

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