Saturday, 20 July 2013


We woke this morning in our peaceful anchorage half way up the River Deben. We
High Barbaree
 pulled up the anchor and sailed downstream crossing the bar a little before high water. We left the river in company with High Barbaree owned by Tim and Liz Dodwell who have also nearly completed their circumnavigation. We also sailed alongside the lovely, and very fast, little My Quest. Richard Gavin sails her from the difficult waters of the Deben without an engine. 
Gaffers packed like sardines

We had a good sail to Harwich harbour and up the River  Orwell. We got to Ipswich to join the East Coast OGA Jubilee cruise. A very large number of gaffers are crammed into a corner of the marina. Bonita is wedged in a mass of assorted craft and cannot possibly leave before everyone else without causing a substantial upheaval. We could not have got her into this berth without the help of many hands hauling many ropes so I am hoping they might still be available when it is time to leave.

As expected from a well organised gathering there was refreshment and suitable musical entertainment until late into the night.

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