Saturday, 13 July 2013


A varied day. We left Bridlington and Yorkshire when the tide floated us off the mud at about 6.30am, and at first had a reasonable sail. But after a couple of hours the wind turned against us (as forecast) and we motored most of the way to the entrance to the Humber. The tide was against us a lot of the way, but in true East Coast fashion we kept within almost paddling distance of the shore to keep out of the worst of it. Entering the Humber is worrying as the tides are strong so it's important to get the timing right, and you have to be careful to avoid the shipping, although in the event we didn't see enough to worry about.
The greatest challenge of the day was entering the lock at Grimsby and only Ant's quick thinking prevented disaster when the bowsprit almost got caught in the lock gate (due to an unpredictable eddy, so not really my fault).

We spent the evening enjoying the hospitality of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Yacht Club in the corner of a commercial dock. The picture shows the gaffers at rest on the club pontoons at the end of the day.

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