Saturday 6 May 2023

Coronation Day!

 A wet day in Cowes (and London) with intermittent showers. We were joined by D and Vic who came on the ferry last night. Not really a vert good day for sailing but we watched to coronation in the dry on a big screen in the Cowes Corintian yacht club, which was certainly more comfortable than being in the crowds in Central London. Later Justin and Diana joined us and we went to Sian and Ants flat in Cowes for a cup of tea. A bit of drama then as we got in the lift to go up to the flat, but it broke down leaving Diana, Ant and myself trapped in the lift between floors.Eventually we managed to attract attention by shouting, and after about half an hour were released by the excellent and very efficient Isle of Wight fire service.
After recovering from this trauma, we joined the Gaffers for a jolly evening meal with music and dancing at the Corinthian. Altogether - apart from the lift episode -  a very successful visit to Cowes thanks to the excellent organisation by Sue Pennison and her team. 
Sadly after many days of northerly or easterly winds the prospect for the next few days does not look so good but we hope to be on the move in the morning.

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