Thursday 4 May 2023


Except when she is in a gathering of gaffers, Bonita always looks strikingly different to todays modern boats. The above picture wasn't taken by a drone, but by Justin from the upper deck of the Red Funnel ferry which passes alarmingly close to the marina on its frequent trips to the mainland.  Every time the ferry leaves we hear the recorded message over the ships loudspeakers telling the passengers to stay calm and what they should do in the unlikely event of an emergency. Justin has had to go home for a couple of days and as it is blowing quite hard from the east, Bonita is staying put while I get on with a few jobs and general sorting out. While going to the supermarket I had a look at the excellent (and free)  Max Aitken museum in the High Street which has lots of fascinating nautical items. Aitken had a remarkable life and was the son of Lord Beaverbrook, the enormously rich owner of the Daily Express: not all children of high- achieving parents succeed so well themselves. I was the only visitor to the museum  and there were two staff on duty so it makes you wonder about their business model. Certainly worth a visit.

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  1. Cowes looks like the perfect destination! Luv Sian