Thursday 18 May 2023


After a long night at sea motoring into a light head wind, at dawn we saw the gentle hills of Milford Haven. The gaffers are gathering at Neyland, about 8 miles into the Haven, a rural spot though to get there you go past quays, oil storage depots and moored tankers. This, as far as I know, is Bonita's first visit to Wales as when we went round Britain ten years ago we kept to the west side of the Irish Sea. We had to buy her a courtesy flag with a Welsh dragon on it. 
There were several Gaffers at the marina, with more arriving later and some due tomorrow.
The picture shows Bonita with the prawner Laura. Laura was built by Crossfields at Arnside in 1906, and with both boats together it's interesting to see some of the differences between them and how the design progressed over the 20 or so years that separate them. Laura has been well restored and at one time was well known as a racing boat. She looked in very good condition and is currently kept in North Wales.
The Bristol Channel Gaffers welcomed us with drinks and a fish and chip supper and made us feel that now in Wales and with Lands End behind us the Round Britain cruise has really begun.

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